Start/Edit Participant eTicket


Select Start an eTicket Goal or Edit an eTicket Goal below

The page that opens is a fill-in form. Enter (key in your ticket information/items) the information on the appropriate line(s).

Once you have completed the form use the boxes at the bottom of page to “Submit” or “Reset”. If you select “Submit” then your “eTicket Worksheet” will be available to your Troop Guide by email (The form will be automatically addressed). If you select “Reset” then your “Ticket Worksheet” will be cleared.

If you have additional questions or encounter any problems please contact Don Swibes at:  or by phone at: (708) 860-8143

NOTE: “Submit” &  “Reset” are the options when starting a new eTicket Goal. “Submit” is the only option when editing an eTicket Goal.  If you do not wish to "Submit" changes, close the form and the changes will not be saved. If you choose to print (from your browser tool bar) the form then you will need to provide a copy for your Troop Guide.


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Revised: 2018/10/19